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Scott Harben is a visual story teller. He creates images, whether moving or still that evoke emotion, thought and most importantly, entertain. Scott constantly asks himself the question “how do I highlight your needs and your goals in such a short stroke?”  It goes like this,  Scott has had the great fortune of collaborating with talented individuals, has worked on amazing campaigns and has found himself involved with great ideas. What he loves about those he has worked with is their constant focus on pushing the work. It’s inspiring and keeps his mind fresh. Throughout the years Scott has discovered his role has changed from simply a vendor to a full on team member. Often he gets called in at the very onset of a campaign to help bring an idea to life. The relationships he has garnered this way go back over 20 years. Scott says “I love what I do and who I do it with.” This year found Scott connecting with individuals whose careers he helped get going and yet he is still inspired again to push himself further. Although it’s the work that always drives him, it's the people he's fortunate enough to work with that motivates his vision. 

"And for us, setting out over the unknown country, there would be those austere and breathtaking moments when, looking down on inaccessible territory, one realizes that no one has seen that spot before...our route was new, the air untraveled, the conditions unknown; the stories mythical; the maps, pale, pink and indefinite...

-Anne Morrow Lindbergh

North to the Orient, 1935

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